V.E.T.Virtual Exposure Therapy

V . E . T .

Cross the barriers of fear.

VET is a platform for treating people with phobia and trauma using Virtual Reality Environment where users are exposed to their fears in a controlled virtual environment and their vitals are monitored to keep progress report.

It combines immersive technology and emotional storytelling and can be a treatment option in today’s digital generation, where VR is growing rapidly. By recreating trauma relevance scenarios, it works as a tool to assist patients to confront and process their stress in a controlled environment. Going back to the memory that has traumatized, the patient allows confronting the stressor and repeating this over time allows a gradual decline in fear response.

Pulse monitoring band tracks changes in the patients heart activities and provides the data to the App while patient is undergoing the Virtual Therapy.

  • Category: Healthcare
  • Awards: Accenture Innovation Challenge 2018 Jury's choice Award
  • Date: August 2018
Demo Video