PulseWatch & Vest


Listen to your Heart.

Pulse is a heart rhythm monitoring band and Vest solution for both normal users and heart patients that put the complete mechanism of ECG, PPG - heart monitoring and physical activity tracking together assisted with Machine learning and Cognitive thinking system to collect data on irregular heart rhythms and notify users who may be experiencing atrial fibrillation (AFib), Missed beats or any other heart conditions.

Pulse Watch is a combination of Heart rate monitoring, Electrocardiaography, physical activity tracker that together works to analyse your heart rhythm and detect any irregularities or possible heart problems that the user may be having.

Pulse Vest 24x7 health activity monitoring solution designed for Severe heart patients or people with congenital heart problems.The Vest collects heart data throughout the day and notify user if any abnormalities in heart are detected with even more accuracy.

  • Category: Healthcare
  • Awards: Microsoft Imagine Cup 2018 National Finalist INDIA
  • Date: December 2017
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